Macleod Associates are a supplier of leading edge software solutions to councils, schools, colleges and training providers. Established for over 10 years, we are regarded as a trusted partner by clients of all sizes to provide innovative solutions. 

We have a track record of success and accreditation in everything that we do. Macleod Associates started off delivering on-line career guidance to the DWP to help the unemployed re-engage in work. This product successfully managed the delivery of learning to over 27,000 learners nationally via Jobcentres across the UK.

CRM, MIS and eLearning all in one centralised platform

With our first hand experience we created the Workpepper platform to help others manage the challenges and complexities of delivering an effective service.

Our Workpepper learner management system now allows learning providers access to the latest technology to improve delivery, increase outcomes & reduce their costs.

It has definitely made us more efficient as it is easier to find where someone should be and answer questions when you have all the information at your fingertips. It allows me to give the director a clearer view of what is going on; it is easier to pull off reports and give the director the information she needs. – Administrator to Director, FE College

A customised solution

We understand that every training provider is different. That is why each version of Workpepper is unique. For each client we create a bespoke solution based on a scalable, proven, robust and thoroughly tested software platform.

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Managing The Employability Journey

By providing a full review of your current service and delivery model, we understand the best way in which technology can be implemented into your business to improve process and outcomes.
With multiple clients and actions, how do you keep track of where you are with each individual at any given point? Could other funding streams be utilised to help them into work? Workpepper is configured to make sure your clients receive all the help necessary and can easily engage in new training.
We track the whole back office process. Every interaction, result, course and training provision is recorded and relevant reports are created. Workpepper allows you to create an audit trail, provide information referrals and RPOS and to prepare, on short notice.
Let the system do the work for you. We automatically generate communication and correspondence, including letters, e-mails, texts and phone call reminders.
By having all the data in one place and hosted in our ISO 27001 secure environment, we improve your contract security and compliance. Permission based access to information means that staff or partners can only update/amend/view the information you want them to see.
Workpepper has the capability to manage various user journeys and contracts. Recent projects have supported NEET, Professional and 50+ jobseekers on one platform.