Infographic; Transforming Further Education & Skills Delivery


What is the secret ingredient of an outstanding further education skills provider?

Since the beginning of the work programme the idea that training and education should lead to sustainable employment ‘outcomes’ has spread across educational contracting.

With this Government focus on outcome responsive curriculum it is increasingly important to be able to record and track these outcomes in order to claim funding. However, in a recent survey of FE colleges 71% said that tracking learner progress and outcomes was a key barrier to successful delivery.

Transforming FE crop

Why do we need better data?

Without accurate learner data it is difficult to effectively assess the success of further education and skills provision. With better data it is easier to improve completion rates, identify courses that overcome barriers to work and importantly have all the data and reporting you need to show Ofsted just how outstanding you are!

Solving 7 common delivery challenges

Common delivery challenges for FE colleges, training providers and welfare to work providers include:

  1. Engaging with learners
  2. Reporting – financial and staff
  3. Destination & outcome tracking
  4. Data compliance
  5. Workforce management
  6. Resource Management
  7. Drill Down Reporting

Macleod Associates has worked for 3 years with further education colleges and training companies to build a system that would overcome these common challenges. The resulting Workpepper system provides a stable platform to engage and manage learners including destination and outcome tracking.

How can we help you? Find our how Workpepper could transform you training delivery. For more information please contact us or ask about a free trial.

Our new Transforming Further Education Skills Delivery infographic gives a snapshot of how technology and data can transform the FE landscape. [view full size]

Transforming FE Skills sml

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