Europe Prioritises IT training

The European Commission has launched the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs to boost employment in the IT sector.


Unlike most job markets IT jobs are one of the few areas where there are more vacancies than there are people to fill them.

With the support of IT businesses, governments and training providers the Coalition for Digital Jobs aims to tackle the 'it skills gap' by promoting skills and training to improve the attractiveness of IT careers. Organisations who have already pledged their support include eSkills, European Schoolnet and the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies.

I congratulate e-skills UK on creating a coalition of employers
and stakeholders to address the pressing issues of IT skills development:
they have rich experience and are a pathfinder for the aspirations of
the Grand Coalition across Europe.

- Andre Richier, European Commission Directorate General,
Enterprise and Industry

IT workers make up 3% of the total European workforce - with 6.7 million IT  professionals working in Europe in 2011. This area has shown steady and significant growth growing by roughly 4% each year. Despite current levels of unemployment digital jobs are one of the few areas where demand exceeds supply.

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