100,000 Apprentices For A New Generation of Engineers

more engineersPrime Minister David Cameron has announces a new Government plan to produce 100,000 new engineering technicians by 2018.

This multi-million pound scheme aims to fill the ‘skills gap’ encouraging young people to take up an engineering apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are at the heart of our mission to rebuild the economy, giving young people the chance to learn a trade and to build their careers, creating a truly world-class, high-skilled workforce that can compete and thrive in the global race.– Prime Minister David Cameron

This year the government has already invested £1.5bn in boosting high quality Apprenticeships. With latest labour market statistics indicating continued growth in scientific and workforce jobs, this additional engineering technicians will contribute significantly to the nations growing manufacturing and construction sectors.

To help UK companies succeed in this ever-growing competitive global marketplace, we need people with the highest professional skills and abilities…This initiative will ensure that the UK has a growing stream of Engineering Technicians being developed to a level that is recognised and respected around the world. - Stephen Tetlow, Chief Executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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