How to Bag the Best Job

This week we have a guest blog post from Amanda Walters (@Amanda_W84) who has a nice infographic on How to Bag the Best Job .

Kristian Schneider
Head of Technology at Macleod associates.

How to Bag the Best Job

Students all across the UK and the whole world are in the process of graduating. Those who have already graduated will already know how tough it is to find work of any kind. For those who do not have a career plan set out, you must set time aside to make an action plan.

Finding the right job can involve moving away from home, or even emigrating. This infographic is here to help guide you through the locations with the most vacancies, top recruiters, explains what you need to know about graduate schemes, and takes you right through to the interview stage.

How to bag the best job Created by JobsToday

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