A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills and the Need for Destination Tracking


Details of  changes to the way that adult training is funded and delivered published by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

The new streamlined funding system focuses on 4 guiding principles; fairness, transparency, protecting public funds and recognising the diverse needs of adults.

The Government has continued its focus on training that contributes true value to learners and the local community. As mentioned in our previous blog 'The Missing Link Between Education and Employment' training providers will be judged based on their ability to secure job outcomes, respond to the needs of the local area and help learners to overcome barriers to work.

Funding will follow the learner journey

destination trackingIn the new system funding will distributed over the learner journey from starting to achieving their learning aims. As 'funding will directly link to retention and achievement' destination tracking and the capability to report on job outcome will become increasingly important.

Changes will come into effect this August and the report urges providers and colleges to prepare.

"Any providers who have not already started analysing their current patterns of delivery in the light of the changes for the 2013/2014 funding year should urgently do so." 

Macleod Associates Unity (now Workpepper - Sept 2013) system is already being used by training providers to track and report on the learner journey. Contact us to find out how destination tracking can be used to monitor and evidence job outcomes.

Read the full update: A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills pdf

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