How Does Your Degree Define Your Career?

does your degree define your career

Does Education = Employment?

Do university graduates end up in jobs relating to their courses, does your degree define your career?

Latest research by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) examines the career paths of graduates following their completion of an undergraduate degree. Certain occupations require specific degrees whereas other careers attract people from a variety of backgrounds. This research suggests that your choice of degree can influence the occupation and eventual sector you work in - but not necessarily in the way initially intended.

"In some cases the choice of undergraduate degree subject will have a strong influence on career paths, as in the cases of architecture and law which not only define people’s eventual occupations but also the sector they are employed in.

"However, in some cases the choice of first degree does not determine where people work. For instance, people with degrees in business and administrative studies and in creative arts and design are employed in most occupations and sectors of the economy."

- Office for National Statistics

As mentioned in 'The Missing Link Between Education and Employment', delivering successful skills and employability training relies on an understanding of the learners and the learner journey.

This research highlights the fact that job destinations sometimes do not match the course itself and offering some insight as to how we can advise those 40% of graduates who did not find work within the first 6 months after graduation on additional skills they could the be equipped with to better find their place within the workforce.

Read the ful report London Analysis, Does your degree define your career?

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