Survey: Next Step Customer Satisfaction and Progression

NextStep progressionThe Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) have published the annual satisfaction and progression report.

This report surveyed Next Step customers over September 2011 to March 2012 to examine the effectiveness of adviser sessions, profiling customer satisfaction, delivery and employment progression. 

Highlights: Improving customer satisfaction and learner progression

Skills Assessment: 
Customers who received an action plan or skills health check were more likely to be very satisfied with the service delivered, suggesting that wider use should be encouraged.

Get Personal: 
Those who were given face-to-face advice were more likely to be satisfied with the quality of service than those advised over the phone.

The majority of customers were unemployed and looking for work - 65%.

Career Progression: 
The Next Step programme had a proven impact of career progression. 6 months after the initial meeting the number of customers unemployed decreased from 65% to 39%.

Read the full report on the BIS website - Next Step customer satisfaction and profession survey

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