Increased Funding for Workplace Courses


Latest news from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) indicate that up to 1,100 workplace courses (formerly Train to Gain) will gain increased funding.

The average increase is around 39% (£2,308) with some courses receiving even larger boosts; Vehicle Accident Repair and Body Competence (up 508% to £8,861) and Work-Based / Land-Based Engineering Operations (up 262% to £5,968)

These changes are part of the SFAs plans for a more simplified funding system:

 “The agency is creating for the first time a clear and transparent approach to funding rates as part of its work to simplify a system that has, in recent years, been overly complicated with different rates applying to different programmes delivered by different types of providers.

“The creation of a flexible single Adult Skills Budget has enabled all providers to deliver the full range of qualifications and delivery models that started in 2011/12….The cost of these changes will be based on the choices learners and employers make throughout this year in deciding which skills offer is right for them and will not, therefore, be known until the end of this academic year.”

Read more about changes to workplace qualifications

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