DWP: Day One Support for Young People Trailblazer

A live test to tackle youth unemployment

Bid Size: £9.6m
Area: London North, London South
Duration: 11 months from Nov 2012
Tender Deadline: 10am, Monday 10th September

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced a new contract to tackle youth unemployment. It plans to overcome barriers to employment by providing around 6,420 young Jobseekers with work-based experience.

This ‘live test’ aims to gain knowledge of successful ways to help people with poor work history into employment as well as identifying its deterrent effects.

A budget of £9.6m will be split between two contracts London North (max £3.7m) and London South (max £5.9m). Providers will be expected to deliver this contract in two parts; job search support and work placement.

Work Placements

Work-based experience will consist of a 13-week placement (or shorter placements totalling 13 weeks), which benefits both the community and the candidate. Relevant voluntary work could also contribute to this total.

Job Search Support

In addition to placements providers must design individually tailored action plans for each claimant. This will consist of job searching and other support such as; mock interviews, workshops, CV writing etc. All of which must be evidenced and documented for the DWP. (Macleod Associates bespoke career guidance platforms and contract management solutions have a track record of helping secure and deliver employability contracts like this)

Due to the demographic of this Trailblazing programme 18-25 year olds on income based JSA with less than 6 months work experience will be referred to contracted providers. These candidates will be immediately placed on a 13-week programme consisting of 30 hours placement and 10 hours provider led job search (per week). The main challenge of this programme is to ensure that candidates secure and start placements within 24 hours of referral.

The ultimate aim of the contract is to get young people into employment, 40% of the total bid will be allocated to job outcomes. To secure payment providers must be able to evidence and swiftly report on all stages throughout the process. With the tight deadline for outcomes this will be a priority for effectively securing and delivering upon this bid.  Flexible and scalable technologies could be key to success.

Our tailored online career platforms really help provide a one-stop shop for jobseekers and the content can be tailored for each delivery location/requirement. With comprehensive job search and personal assessment tools, it is easy to evidence and report job search progress and employment outcomes, ensuring DWP compliance.

Macleod Associates Workpepper is designed to streamline the delivery of government funded education and training.

  • Easily create and adapt action plans for individual candidates. 
  • Confirm and report attendance.
  • Assign learning objectives, 
  • Manage contracts all in one place.

Contact us to see how our technologies could help you.

For further information on this and other available contracts visit the DWP website.

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