Bid Candy, Is Your Phone Beginning to Ring?

From working in the Employability and Skills industry you get used to dealing
with a huge amount of Acronyms: ILR, GLH, ESF, SFA, JCP and the DWP
even produce a guide to help you understand their Acronyms link DWP guide to

With all these terms, phrases and industry specific classifications out there one
piece of terminology I had never heard before is “Bid Candy” and it now seems to
be the buzz phrase of the moment.

For those of you that haven’t heard of the phrase “Bid Candy” it means proposing
to use a company, technology or organisation in your bid or supply chain then
never actually engaging with them. The lure of the brand or name counts to the
successful bid, the provider then delivers the work at a greater profit themselves.

Due to us working with both parties (Tier 1 providers and their subcontractors)
I need to sit on the fence a little here, however I wanted to understand if this is
really how the welfare to work supply chain feels?

Tor Macleod 16:52

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