New Project: A System to Manage Job Seekers

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We are excited to have commenced a project in collaboration with Gloucester College in developing a system to manage their job seekers.

A key issue for the FE College is the ability to get performance metrics throughout the different stages of the job seekers journey. The KPI are not meant as a tool to monitor the job seekers but will be used to ensure that the process at Gloscol can be continuously optimized. Beyond this we also ensure integration to the colleges current learner information system, so that data integrity is being kept.

The administration team will be able to pinpoint weakness in their process based on the reporting that Unity provides. Are referrals not performing optimally? Or are job seekers lost in the process because no one calls? Unity can help with these kinds of challenges.

At the end of the day this will mean better services to the job seekers and therefore more positive outcomes.

Update - Sept 2013

IconI am pleased to announce the success of our project with Gloucestershire College. Since using Unity (now Workpepper) the college has:

  • Expanded and diversified provision to adult community learning, ESOL and traineeships.
  • Increased enrolments and profitability
  • Improved performance, customer experience and learner support
  • ...All without any additional support staff!

Read the case study - Gloucestershire College: Using Flexible Technology To Track The Learner Journey.pdf to find our how this success was achieved.

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